01. The movie is full of [explicit] sex scenes, and has been banned in a number of countries.
02. With Internet technology nowadays, photos and films of [explicit] sex are just a mouse click away on the home computer.
03. Using the Internet, the young boy was able to make a powerful bomb, following [explicit] step-by-step instructions he found on some website.
04. Young people need [explicit] information about sex, in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies or sexually-transmitted infections.
05. The [explicit] violence in the film totally grossed me out.
06. The boss gave [explicit] instructions for the running of the company while he is away on holiday.
07. The [explicit] violence of some of today's video games is a source of concern for many parents.
08. Many music CDs today have a label warning parents if the songs contain [explicit] lyrics.
09. The party leader [explicitly] stated that he would resign before the next election.
10. There are certain obligations which, although not stated [explicitly], are obviously understood in the contract.
11. The theme of a novel is sometimes [explicitly] stated within the story itself, either by the author or one of the characters.
12. An essential aspect of random samples is that the population must be [explicitly] defined or identified.
13. A recent study suggests that Christian churches, with varying degrees of [explicitness], tend to function as opponents of moral innovation.
14. William Blake once remarked, "What is grand is necessarily obscure to weak men. That which can be made [explicit] to the idiot is not worth my care."
15. Urie Bronfenbrenner once suggested that in the planning and designing of new communities, the planners need to give [explicit] consideration to the kind of world that is being created for the children who will be growing up in these settings.
16. Children don't need to study their native language; their language learning occurs implicitly, not through [explicit] instruction.
17. Studies show that although both men and women are sexually aroused by [explicit] visual stimuli, women are much less likely to admit to their arousal.
18. Singer Prince recently stated that he's moving away from the [explicitly] erotic lyrics he wrote in the past, saying, "I just want to be the best human being I can be ... on stage and off."

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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